Home Again

Well...Dad is home. Starting to recuperate with staples in his head! He will be a difficult patient I'm afraid with at least 2 weeks of no driving to look forward to. I feel like I have a hangover and I don't drink anymore! Geeze! At least if I was going to feel like this I would rather have had the fun too. Traveling was pretty uneventful except for forgetting my wallet at home. Luckily I was able to take the next flight with no problems. Just goes to show me how concerned I was for Dad. We knew he was on his way to recovery when he told an off color joke to the nurse in the ICU the 1st night. My mom was SO embarrassed! This was a wake up call for them. Mom is talking of downsizing the house, selling the RV, and wanting to know where all the important papers are. Not bad things to know in any case. The house and RV will take some doing. Time will tell. I'm hoping to get to some sewing later today. I told one of my son's teachers I will help with a 'quilting" project. It will turn out to be mostly a WonderUnder/fabric paint project, but I will enjoy working with the kids. Its so nice to be home...the dogs are happy, the washer is humming, and I'm blogging! :::grin::::


Glad to hear your Dad is recovering...scaling back some might be a good plan for your parents... :O)... heck right now scaling back appeals to me LOL

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