Before you pack all the Thanksgiving decorations away...take a minute to be thankful . And thanks to Linda for posting this link in her blog. I will put some of these to work!

Today I was a slug woman. All I did was eat, feed my child, walk the dog and read a book! I hope this day of recharging will pay off tomorrow...I have WORK to do! Presents to finish and one to mail....and a guest room to clear out and redo! WHEW! no WONDER I'm already tired! Off to get DRESSED at 4:30 in the afternoon! Told ya I was a slug...


Anonymous said…
Honey, as much as you quilt, "slug" isn't the word I'd use. Resting works for me.

Thanks for stopping by the blog! I liked your idea of putting Jesus in the manger on Christmas morning. Hunny bunny found HIM on the entertainment center.
Angie said…
Girl, you deserve a "break" LOL. I have been the same way today! I haven't even started Christmas gifts yet...I like to keep my Holidays separate...makes quilting gifts VERY hard to do in less than a month's time. LOL
Su Bee said…
You certainly deserve a slug day or so -- several in fact! Hope you are charged up, cos here it comes!
Rosalind said…
Soccer we all need those kinds of days!!

My "dream" day is a day when I can stay in my pajamas ALL DAY and sew!! Yep

Cold rainy days are the best:).

Hope you get all your projects done.
Sounds like a great day to me.....occasionally!

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