Black Friday

My youngest son...a pumpkin pie afficionado...BEGGED for more pie. I caved. THEN I found THIS evidence on the kitchen table later! The scamp had bigger eyes than stomach. I guess I better make 2 at Christmas or there will not be any for the rest of us!

I was SUCH a good girl today. I waited ::: Patiently::::: to be helped at a quilt shop I had ordered a new table from for my Bernina. ONly to have to wait till she explained EVERYTHING on 3 separate machines to a lady who then said "I won't be buying for a year, but thanks" wandered off...came back...STILL NO HELP! I finally just left. I didnt' yell...didn't fuss..but I sure wont' order anything from that dealer again! Then it was on to my FAVORITE store...they had a 30% discount on fabric today. I'm not REAL sure why I went as I'm on no-buy till April! I did get 2 "LEGAL" pieces...sashing and backing for a school project I'm doing with the 5th graders at my son's school and 2 packs of machine needles ( I have TONS for the frame machine..but none for the sewing machine!) And since it is Flinging Friday...I flung fabric at a friend for her church sewing group and some empty plastic boxes to another friend. Now its time to do a bit of tidying up in the 'studio' so I can actually GET to the machine! Ta ta!


hi, good luck with the School sewing.. I did a quilt with Year 5/6 at my kid's school last year-they each did an embroidered block, and the main thing I would take next year is lots of needle threaders! (oh, and probably alcohol-but that's for after!)
Please pretty please a pumpkin pie recipe posting for us ignorant overseas posters!
Sweet P said…
Some retail employees just don't understand customer service. Good job on only buying backing and sashing.
Anonymous said…
Flinging? Are you a Flybaby, too? If you don't know what I mean, go to She really rocks!

My 11 year old ate 1/2 a pumpkin, 2/3 an apple and almost an entire plate of cookies. I think he's growing....

P.S. I have had that happen at quilt stores. I don't know why they do stuff like that. But I'm like you, they do me that way, and I won't be back.

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