sewing STUDIO

I decided a long time ago to rename my sewing room a STUDIO. Since REAL work goes on in there, I should get credit for it. Granted it IS a hobby, but many gifts are made in that room. Angie told me if I saw HER work area, I had to post MINE as well. Here goes if Blogger will cooperate. From what I hear from the rest of you, its being crabby lately. here are 3 pictures of said Studio. This is the cutting/ironing table. I have a home made Big board but with the ironing board underneath is all wasted space. I found these telescoping legs at IKEA. The top is melamine board I had cut at Home Depot. The wire cubes I had used in a toddler room...and the plastic square buckets I got at Bed Bath and Beyond during a back to school sale. The pad I made fits the whole thing,but I usually cut on one end and iron on the other.

Here is a view of what my husband calls "the Mother of all Sewing tables" It has room for my sewing machine and my serger. There is an extension that is folded down to make room for the frame.

THIS is why I'm on no-buy! It is over flow from the closet...and the closet picture is for another day! Now you will HAVE to come back! ::grin:::

I think I will be out of town over the weekend. My dad is having some unexpected surgery. He should be fine, but I feel like I need to be there. Everyone is covered here at home till Tuesday, so off I go. Time to go check out the clothes situation. I will try to check in on my regular round of blogs while I"m gone.


Angie said…
Don't ya just love our "obsessions"! LOL I love your room! A friend just gave me a couple of those printer's trays to put my thread in! :) And really, it's just not fair, your's is a mild case of overflow compared to some of us! ROFL Oh, those legs for you BB are a wonderful idea. I have a homemade one too that's on the ironing board...may have to check into some legs, tho. Lord knows I need to be able to use every ounce of space!! ROFL
Angie said…
Ooops, meant to say I hope all goes well for your Dad. I too will be gone on Sat. and back on Sun. for family fun. :D
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing your sewing STUDIO! I'm collecting ides so that when I get inspired I can begin working on my new area. I'm a bit fearful to take the leap...I'd rather spend my time quiting than making my "studio."
Shelina said…
It is definitely a "studio"! My "studio" is also called a living room, and the "studio" magically disappears when we have company!

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