My slump is over!

FINALLY! I have been in a funk since I returned from Texas. I'm not sure if it was delayed stress or what, but I'm SURE glad its over! Today I machine stitched the ties of the Christmas tree skirt (its DONE DONE now...:::Grin::::).

I completed free motion quilting some placemats, trimmed up 3 and have applied binding to one. Its pinned and ready for hand work at soccer practice. (hey, ya can't be by a machine ALL the time...) I must be SICK as I never get hand made presents done until the last minute!
Dinner is ready, so I will post this and maybe come back later...or maybe I will sew some more. I have a backing I need to piece and then sandwich a quilt for SID. That one is hanging over my head needs to be done last week.


Angie said…
Hey girlfriend, love that tree skirt and those placemats!! I especially like the placemats...I love purple!! Way to go! :D Oh, you know what, I cringe over these buddies getting all of this Christmas stuff done...I refuse to consider it until AFTER Thanksgiving...I like my holidays in order and one at a time, thank you very much!! ROFL
Anonymous said…
I really love the tree skirt! Whose it for?
Shelina said…
Good for you got getting out of the funk and getting back to quilting! That is going to be the best dressed tree. It's a nice skirt. The placemats are nice too - and good that you are getting those gifts ready to go.
Anonymous said…
Who has two thumbs and is getting that Christmas tree skirt? It's me! It's me!

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