Problem SOLVED!

I will teach my son to 'borrow' my camera! I went out and purchased a NEW one! Merry Christmas to me! This is the 'treasure" I wanted to show you. I help teach a garment sewing class at my church's outreach center. I'm not the lead teacher by any stretch of the imagination. It is rewarding tho and helps me channel my fabric-holic tendencies. ::;snicker:::: If I get ready to FLING fabric, I can ALWAYS fling it there and it will be put to good use. We get donations of fabric, patterns and all sorts and sundry of sewing notions. When older notions come thru, the other teachers know I kind of collect stuff like that. I have needle packs and scissors that belonged to one of my grandmothers.

My special favorites are wooden spools. Wal Mart has a nice large glass jar with a lid that I'm filling up. The thread on them is not reliable so we would discard it with me at least it has a home. Arent' the colors wonderful?...

This time of year I always am a bit emotional. It took me a few years to find the root. Our youngest child ( a boy almost 11) is adopted. His birthday is December 26th...a Christmas baby so to speak, altho we had to wait till April for him to arrive. I say he is the best Christmas present I ever had to wait for. I think of his mother often, but tears come to my eyes more frequently during the holidays. For he is with us, and she has no knowledge of him. I say a special blessing on mothers such as her. The gift he gave to her son and to us is unspeakable. So if you see me and I look kind of red around the eyes, say a prayer for her too.

I like the Gratitudes from time to time I will include mine. I hope it will make me look around with a discerning eye

~ a new camera
~ feeling healthier
~ a little girl in front of me at the grocery store to chat with while I waited
~ all my baking done for a full table tomorrow
~ having my husband home on Thanksgiving for the 1st yr in about 5
~ a son who looks nothing like me, but loves me all the same

Happy Thanksgiving! And as my dad says " Don't eat too much of that turkey with the sleeping pills in it!"


Sweet P said…
Those wooden spools are adorable. I bet the look pretty in the glass jar. You are a thoughtful mother . . . thinking about your son's biological mother. Hopefully somewhere in the depths of her heart she know how much you love him.

Good idea on the camera. Mmmmm . . . I wonder if there is anything I can think of I could use that trick on.
Ooh, ooh, I love you already and I've only just read 7 posts! happy Thanksgiving to you as well and thanks for the visit. yes, we have already decided it is Chocs and DVD's in bed... we're having a great day. ttfn Tracey
Susan said…
I love wooden spools, too. I have an old green glass prune juice bottle (of all things!) that I keep them in. I love your heart, thinking of your son's biomom. And Merry Christmas to you and your camera. LOL!
Rosalind said…

What a wonderful post!!

A dear friend gave me a gratitude journal. It helped me to appreciate the "little" things.

Cherishing the little things help me not to take the big things for granted!!


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