Preparing for Friday

I'm getting ready for a busy Friday! My small quilt groups meets every other Friday and tomorrow is potluck day. We ALL show up for THAT day! Only one will be missing tomorrow..she is still housebound but getting better. Here is a peek at my scrap drawer. I have been preparing all week to FLING on Friday with Stashbusters- but I won't be home all day! 5-11 pm is BYOP (Bring your own project) at my favorite quilt shop. A free sew session so to speak. There is always someone to ooh and ahhh or to give help. We have alot of fun with no interruptions from outside the quilt world! The shop staff even stays a bit late so we can wander around to our hearts content. I MAY not make it all the way till 11 as my son has an 8 am soccer game on Saturday. Gee I think I feel a nap coming on... I'm going to do some quilting on a Christmas tree skirt for my daughter's Christmas present and piecing a backing for a group quilt. I need to get that quilted SOON....

Here is a picture of one of my furry kids. We THINK he is a lab/border collie mix. He was a rescue...and a very terrified one at that. His name is Rookie (new kid on the team...and I'm a baseball fan) and he is my dog. My son claims him, but I feed him, so guess who he runs to when he is scared? He would not even stay in the same room with my older son for about 18 months, so we speculate he was abused by a tall man in a baseball cap. I wish I could meet him in a dark alley with a baseball bat! Enuf said.


Angie said…
You go, girl!!! If you find him, call me, I'll come help you with another baseball bat!!!! He's a beauty!
Lisa said…
I like your blog! Fun to see some of the quilts you are working on. I went to the quilt show here in kalispell a few weeks ago - amazing!!!

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