Going on vacation is nice...but so is coming home! I was glad to be warm again! The dogs were glad to see me, both kids who greeted me were glad to see me...and I got to sleep in my own bed! The central California coast was good to us this weekend. The weather cooperated...we had warm sunny days and cool clear nights. I enjoyed hearing (AGAIN) about my husband 's escapades with his buddies in a kinder simpler time. Laughter was a great medicine! Here is the entry to the vacation house we rented and a picture of one of the views of the coast. We had sea otter and dolphin sightings as well as a jaunt up the coast to see a Elephant seal rookery. One night we did a tour of Hearst Castle after dark. We enjoyed a full moon and costumed employees along with a wonderful tour guide. The only thing missing from the weekend was my sewing machine! I would have been complete. Tomorrow our daughter returns to her home and we will be back to our regular routines....and a day in the sewing room is on MY agenda!


Elaine Adair said…
How lovely the beach is -- your home is in dry Arizona, and mine is in dry Nebraska! I understand about wanting to have your machine with you .. I usually do also, and feel guilty I cannot leave it behind for anything!


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