Oh how I wish it would cool OFF! I am madly packing for a short trip to the central California coast. Our grown daughter will be here to mind her youngest brother ...oh AND the 4 legged ones too! Here is a picture of the fabric I bought (I hope they dont' kick me out of Stashbusters!) for a scrappy snowball. Gee I LOVE those charm packs! There is one square of each fabric in that line. The large floral will be a border and/or backing with the black with gold sparkle for the binding. The reds are showing up a bit brighter ..they are on the brick red side ( d0n't ask me WHEN it will be done....hehehehehe)

I will have to do a bit of work on my frame when I get back. There is a sensor underneath the upper carriage that has come undone. I tried to restick it with double sided tape, but I think a bit of Gorilla Glue is in my future. I'm still having tension issues so while I have the carriage off, I will redo the counter weights. Cross your fingers that will cure my woes! Here is a picture of the frame with my friends mom's quilt on it last week. (ignore the mess in the room....I share this with my 4 footed kids. If I don't keep it MESSY..they stay IN there!)

When I get back , I will post pictures of my furry kids and my latest projects. Happy fall weekend!


Elaine Adair said…
Well, that's a pretty cool quilt you're working on. Thanks for the photo! The flag fabric adds a lot of zip. You're doing a great job for a newbie blogger! Keep it up !

Cool off? It's about 40 degrees here this late afternoon, in Western Nebraska, and windy -- the leaves are pretty well gone! Darn -

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