Slow Friday

I had SUCH plans for today! You know what they say; Want to make God laugh? Tell Him your plans. I was very ill during the night...I think I ate something that didn't agree with me. When my husband is out of town, and I don't feel good...I kinda panic at 3am. Anyway I'm better today, but the lack of sleep made me sluggish. I did a good deal of chair sitting. I got about half the blocks sewn to each other. Sitting at the sewing machine didn't feel good for long, so it has been a much longer process.

I did amble out to the mail box later in the day. It is still lovely. After Elaine posted a picture of her snow, I thought I had better post a picture of toasty AZ. This little barrel cactus is about to bloom. Its kind of amazing that those thorny plants have such showy flowers. My favorite is our prickly pear. I used some prickley pear fabric on a jacket for my mom..only because it had the right shade of fuscia on it. I never thought I would SEE that color time I went to get the mail, there was the prickly pear COVERED in blooms exactly the color I had told my mom was 'not natural'! Guess I got told! When those bloom I will show you the whole show.


Elaine Adair said…
Oh my gosh! you ARE in a desert - and it's so neat and tidy! Arghhh maybe I need to go back in the yard and do some raking! No, no raking - can wait for spring. I'm going back to the sewing studio! Feel better soon!

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