Well , I think you can guess from the picture where the name of my blog came from! My best friend has LV2QLT . There is another lady who has one too..but the exact lettering just slipped my mind! I think it is SFTAQLT . Safta is Hebrew for grandmother. I had a few on my list to choose from. My favorite was IQLTDOU...but I was overrulled. Some thought a question for drivers was a bit much. Can you figure it out? My husband OK'd this one. I told I'm HE can be busy and I'll be the quilter!

Today was clean off a surface day on Stashbuster. I was mostly a slug today, but I did manage to clean off the dining room table . Here is a picture of my pumpkin collection. Most years I add one. This year I have added 4! Guess that makes up for last year when all I could find is pumpkins that looked like what I already had. Time to go check on leftovers. We are staying home tonight as the traffic from the Monday Night Football game is predicted to be heavy. Glad we dont have soccer practice! The stadium is right off the freeway we use to get there. I so wish they had put the baseball stadium there...but they never ask me for my opinion!


Rocky said…

I love it!!! LOL

Thanks for sharing:)

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