Lunch Bunch Friday

My small quilt group ..about 12 when we are all there::::meets every other Friday. One Friday we just meet for lunch and show and tell (ALWAYS!). The other Friday, we meet at my favorite quilt shop, Quiltz. They graciously let us use the class room if is it is not scheduled for a class. We do a pot luck and invite the staff to wander back when they get their lunch break. Some times we have a group project and sometimes we do BYOP (bring your own project). Our only 2 rules are #1. If you tell us you will be there, and then life happens, you MUST call someone. We WILL worry. (I did a business card with all phone we all have one in our purses) #2. You NEVER have to do the project. That saves hurt feelings. We have a varied group of ages and interests. If the project does not call your name or you have a deadline, you bring your own. Even if everyone else is doing the project. Today we met at Olive Garden. We had 9 and they gave us this little alcove. I always feel sorry for the people around us. We laugh and get kinda rowdy! I panicked on the way out...I could not find the keys to my locked van. They were in a rarely used pocket. RELIEF!

Here are 2 pictures of the Rolling Pins quilt I am trying to finish for a class sample. Tomorrow after my son's soccer game, I want to do a bit of maintainence on my frame. Maybe I will get piecing the back. I have about 5 or 6 left over blocks. Seeing this as a picture, I think I will be moving some of the rows around! Good perspective! The top and bottom rows are mostly sewn together. The middle row is only in twos, so I still have some playing room. Off to sleep...hoping for no hearburn at 3am.


Angie said…
That quilt is going to be so bright and pretty!! Love it! And your group sounds like so much fun...wish I had one nearby that I could join in with. :D
Tonya R said…
Hi, I found you through your comment on Elaine's blog. Very fun quilt - love the bright colors.
Shelina said…
I like all the fun bright colors and fabric selection on this rolling pin quilt.

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