Happy October! I went to Meet the Teacher day at the quilt shop yesterday. I finished my class sample with 15 minutes to go! WHEW! The rest of the days was pretty much Murphy's Law. I left a section of a Christmas tree skirt I wanted to work on today in the shop. I arrived home to a sick kiddo with a high fever. This morning when I went to check on him, I left the dogs in the bedroom. I was greeted with an 'offering" when I returned...the sick dog kind..but never mind that!...ICK! I wish Murphy would take a vacation! I'm happy to report I purchased some Christmas fabric while I was there. One of the classes is a snowball block. She used some charm packs that include a 4 1/2 inch block of each fabric in that fabric line. They were SO pretty! I'm about to go on my 'fabric diet" I tried last year. I started it on January 1st when I made a list of my UFOs (UnFinished Object) to you non-quilters....I STOPPPED counting at 30..yes THIRTY! And I have found more since! Last year I made it to Tax Day...I'm sure the MasterCard will thank me! I'm off to cut fabric for the Quilt an Hour a Day quilt for October. My friend gave our quilt group a pile of fabric to pick thru. I picked out fall colors for this. Call my family if I"m not back from stash diving in a couple of hours!


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