Quiet Sunday

Well, I finally have gotten some things accomplished. I had a few productive hours in the sewing room..then had to quit as our older son called and asked if he could come to dinner. Here is a picture of the quilted Christmas tree skirt I made for our daughter. I just stitched in the ditch in a gold thread and a buttonhole stitch. DANG that stitch takes a long time! And that skirt has 36 wedges, so I had 35 to ditches to stitch! It will be bound in the dark green. I was VERY lucky to find premade Moda dark green BIAS ( I know how to make bias..I just rarely DO it so to find it premade was a GIFT!). I will put that on soon. I have 2 other quilts to be quilted first. I will post the tree skirt again when it is all finished to show the whole pattern.

Under the tree skirt is a cleaned off sewing table! (well the work surface anyway!) I did that also. Yesterday I did some maintainence on my frame and am hoping to piece a back and load a quilt tomororow after sewing class. I should have some free time in the afternoon and evening. My husband will be traveling and there are plenty of leftovers to be eaten. The BEST...no cooking and lots of sewing time!

I just love this picture of our youngest son. Up to this year he has played defense. Now playing forward he is taking some risks and trying to score. Think he is happy about his goal!? It lit a fire under him and now he takes shots all the time. He didn't score this week (the picture was from last week) but he did have a couple of assists.


Lisa said…
You amaze me! I can't even find time to finish a quilt that I started almost 4 years ago! =( But then again - I do have a 3 and a 2 year old! =)
Shelina said…
Hi, I found you through a comment you made on someone's blog.
That is a pretty tree skirt. The gold really adds to it, so I am glad you are taking the time to put it on all 35 seams!
Congratulations to your son on his goal. He definitely looks happy.
Su Bee said…
What a GREAT picture!! I hope that's going into a big frame??
The tree skirt is so elegant, great job on that!
Anonymous said…
I never thought of using a different stitch to machine quilt with. Thank you for sharing the idea and the photo! I zoomed in on the photo and think that the stitch and gold thread added just the right finishing touch to your beautiful colors and work. Well done!!

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