Yesterday I got a phone call from my favorite quilt shop. I have taught one class there with 2 planned in November. One of the classes, I used the shop sample as my class sample (kinda lazy on my part..that meant I didn't have to make a whole quilt myself, just blocks so I could teach it.) Well...the owner of that shop sample, the patternmaker, needs it back for a trunk show. I have 2 options. Just not have a class sample...which would probably mean little or no students. OR whip one up! I needed 30 more blocks. 15 I just finished...with most of the cutting done on the rest. There are 3 each of purple, turquoise, yellow, pink and red. I had already completed blue, green, and orange blocks. The remaining 15 are similar but with the black contrast in the center instead of a color. As soon as I run to the grocery at the base in the morning, you know where to find me! Hope to post a picture of at LEAST all the blocks on the wall! Night!


Cynthia said…
nice colors you're using for your blocks. I hope the class goes well.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Anonymous said…
What a fun block! I look forward to seeing the finished top.
Angie said…
Love that block, Soccertxi!!! Wish I were in Arizona to take your class? LOL
Rolling Pins, I presume????

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