Quiet Saturday at home

Today was just SO pretty out! The intense heat of the summer is slowly fading (altho not in memory! I remember 115 hot degrees all too well...) and the mornings are cool and still. Makes me want to sit outside to sew....but I retreat inside to the sewing machine. Its a good time to get a jump on quilts for much cooler weather (all relative of course). I think my machine frame is working. I have been so frustrated with the whole thing. This time it ate a hole in a quilt ..not even MY quilt. I am quilting it as a favor for my best friend's mom. :::sigh:::: My only consolation is that the piece is easily replaced...and the recipient is a non-quilter who will never know unless someone points it out. That said, I'm still upset. Makes me think harder about my musings of quilting for others....and I will never leave my quilting for the day with the needle DOWN! Today's lesson was how to get BACK to my blog and post again. Tomorrow I work on posting a picture of me and maybe the quilt I'm working on for my class sample. One thing at a time!


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