Canine update

Thanks Jill for asking about Rookie...He acts like he never left! My husband was out of town when I found out I was getting the dog back. I had taken our son to soccer practice, and my husband arrived at home before we got back. I called him to find out how Rookie had greeted him. "Just like I saw him this morning'" says my hubby.

This is what it looks like as I sit at the computer:

This one to my left

This one under my feet

And last but not least, this one just behind me. I'm still leashing him...we are not TRULY reliable in the house yet! And its raining too...something my AZ dogs don't see much of! They say "WE DONT" LIKE IT!" lolol

They are learning to like having an extra 'brother'. Rally, the terrier of undetermined lineage, loves to play. Rookie, will play with him..but sometimes under duress. Buddy, the puppy, loves to play now Rookie can just sit and roll his eyes while the other two wrestle! I'm working on keeping those two from chasing the cat...I"m not winning that battle! Poor kitty!

I"m working on posting every day hopefully I will see you tomorrow.


Jen said…
Gosh, I am just sooooo glad that they're all getting along well and everyone is home and happy. Does Rookie stay a lot closer to you guys now? I'm just so happy for Rookie, I mean I've never heard such a fantastic return story before.
Anonymous said…
Yeah! Your adoring public needs more posts! Especially the ones in a certain smallish city in SoCal...
jillquilts said…
That's WONDERFUL!!! An absolute miracle to have him back home with the family! It gives me goosebumps!

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