experimenting with stamps

I had been toying around with an idea for labels for the HeartStrings group. I found some medium that makes regular paint into stamping medium. It said you can use fabric paint...and the idea kept rolling around in my brain. I bought one stamp that says BABY in blocks...for..well baby quilts! And here is a picture of my trial run. What do you think?

Here is the one I like best. It is simple..and I will keep my eye out for one I like better. I think this goes well with the simplicity of the string blocks. Input is welcome!


I like the nice, simple yet stylish bottom heart as well. Thanks for the comment on my tutorial! Great fun to make -and v.quick. Tracey
Mary said…
I like the heart with the curly Q. I also posted a file in the HeartStrings Group for a label if you want to take a look at that one.

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