Here are a few of my 1st string blocks. They are like Lays potato chips! I can't make just one! I had planned to do these as leaders/enders..but THEY have become the project and my double 4 patch in RWB is my leaders /enders. They are so much fun! We got a new computer tower yesterday. I'm hoping that the uploading of my pictures will be MUCH easier!

I was cutting fabric for a class I'm teaching in Feb. My FIRST thought was "OH LOOK! more strings for HeartStrings! HA! I'm still trying to see my carpet. I saw a GLIMPSE of it, but dont' seem to be able to wade thru some of the papers. I have an old plastic crate I'm going to 'file' them in till I can get to them. They are weighing me down. Hope everyone is staying WARM!


deputyswife said…
Thanks for commenting on my blog! My site meter tells me that I get visitors, but I always wonder who they are!

I can't wait to start some string blocks. I hate to admit this, but when I first started quilting, I threw a bunch of strings away. STUPID! I started saving them last year and I am slowly building it up. So I can't wait to get started!

I will be back to look at your ironing board project. Looks like I need to do that to! Great idea!
Angie said…
Hey soccer, girl! Your string blocks are looking really good (and I still haven't even made ONE for Nancy yet), and your strips laid out there remind me that I probably have some strips stashed that I could use for that. :) We are having spring-like weather here in Tenn. right now. Sounds like spring, too, the way the birds are singing. The seasons are just too screwed up...things are blooming that should be snuggled in for their winter rest. :9
Faith said…
thanks for visiting my blog great to meet you! I loved this stringed quilt project, the stripes look so exciting and so coming to life keep posting to show the progress of this lovely quilt

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