First day back for school kids. YIPPEEE It was actually a very nice vacation.

Now THIS picture of my serger might not mean too much to you. BUT, I serge my fabric before I wash it. So this picture means~ all my fabric has been serged and washed....AND it means I'm being true to no-buy. This a HUGE deal. I was in the quilt shop twice this past week. Last Monday was Meet the Teacher. Since I have 2 classes on the books, that means I'M the a teacher. No fabric followed me home. ..big grin.... Friday was my Lunch Bunch. That is the name for my small quilt group. Once a month we meet just for lunch and show and tell (you don't think we would meet with OUT show and tell, do you??? UN American HA) The 2nd meeting , we meet at a local quilt shop. We bring machines or something to work on...oh and don't forget the potluck... and YES.. Show and tell. Friday there was a new bolt of a blue fabric and the design was silver. (did I mention this shop has a color of the month(20% off any fabric with that color)...and that I'm a BLUE girl....and that NONE of that fabric followed me home?) It was SO might be worth the penalty squares.

Blogger is being grumpy this morning...1st it didn't like my exclamtion points. If you met me you would know ...well...I kinda TALK in exclamtion points. Feel free to add them in anyplace you like...Now it won't publish know....:...geeze..what is next ..the dot dot dot? I will be lost....

If you are a sports fan, when you turn on the BCS bowl tonight? Wave to me...I'm about a mile or so from the stadium. When my son gets home from school, we are hunkering down for the night. Spagetti for him...and my studio for me. Sounds like a nice night to me...hehehehehehe


Nancy said…
I used to serge my edges before washing too. Guess I should get back in that habit.

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