quilting designs

Do you do your own quilting? Do you favor pantographs, marking directly on your quilt, or free motion? I really like the look of pantos, but to tell you the truth , I'm MUCH more comfortable doing free motion. It shocked me too! I am NOT much of a drawer...I never COULD get my pictures growing up to look much more than stick figures. Practicing on a white board helps. It also helps to be OBSESSED! This is a bag I brought something home in (Julie: do you recognize this??? lolol)

and Of COURSE, all I saw was a quilting design!

here is my 1st attempts...I think I will do this, but I just noticed that the flowers each have 3 leaves on them on the bag..I will have to try that once. Oh, and I need to see what kind of thread is in the drawer...I won't be able to post pictures of this quilted for a bit. Its a gift for an online friend. I dont' THINK she reads my blog, but I would hate to spoil the surprise!


Suzan said…
Can't wait to see!

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