I'm so pleased!

I have been helping my small group with this project. I am making 2 for myself to display in mirrored niches for Christmas. Look how it turned out! All that cutting of different fabrics (can you say I"M SICK of refolding GREEN???) paid off. I have the middle of the 2nd one already completed. All I have to do is make the Delectable Mountain blocks. I am even working on a 'left over mt' project as they don't use all you end up with. The background has tiny dots of red blue and green. Just enough color without detracting from the wreath.

I will be back shortly to show you the blocks ready for my Hour a day quilt. I told you I have been sewing merrily along!


Becky said…
Did you make up this pattern or buy it? It looks great.
Patti said…
What a lovely wreath! I think it's one of the nicest wreath patterns I've seen. This will look so great hanging during the holidays!
VERY nice gal :O)... I like it like it like it!

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