Bad BAD blogger!

OK...I have probably lost all my readers..but here goes! Our 2 out of town trips under our belt, I'm home for the holidays!

I have signed up for an online quilting class in Jan and will probably be MUCH more of a fanatic about this AFTER that, but I DO see quilt patterns EVERYWHERE!
Now to YOU, this is just a package of paper towels.

I however see a quilting design :::grin::::

Notice the cute little curlique border design on the bottom. My family knew I was nuts before, NOW I'm just proving them RIGHT!

Just so you know I
HAVE been sewing and quilting,

Here is a picture of my friend Christina (who does not sew, but now QUILTS!)

working on THIS: a sheet with a Minkee back. Both are supposed to be hard to quilt, and we had not ONE glitches, no tension problems, NADA. In honor of making friends with my Gammill that day, I have named her Lucy...(as in 'use LOOSE tensions') Sorry..bad play on words. I have more, but I'm trying to save ideas for another day! Hi Anita and Julie No blog! ::;see me waving:::::


Mary said…
So glad things are going well with the longarm!

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