The first sign of FALL!

Alot of the country has a physical change during fall...leaves changing, cooler temperatures, frost. Here in the desert southwest ,(at least in MY neck of the woods), I can tell that fall is here by 2 happenings. The first is the pool is too cold to dip a TOE in! My mom yelled at me once because my teeth were chattering when I got out of the pool. She wanted me to hightail it to the ER. Then we had a discussion about evaporation. At 102 degrees and virtually single digit humidity, you dry off before you can reach the house...NO TOWEL NEEDED! Add in there a bit of a breeze and it is like standing under a fan in the air conditioning. Hence, when the lows are in the 60s...TRUST is too cold to swim!

The second happening is this:

The first soup and homemade rolls of the season! YIPPPEEE! This is one of those recipes that I will put in my book someday. The cookbook title will be "I can remember all the ingredients walking down the grocery store aisle".

For those of you looking for some easy quick comfort food, here is the recipe.

Mulligan Stew

1 lb ground meat, beef or turkey (I use Louis Rich ground turkey)
1 can tomato soup
2 cans water
1 can corn or frozen corn (your choice...I just open a bag of frzn and DUMP)

This is the basic recipe. All additions after this are up to YOU. Corn seems to be the only veggie that it NEEDS. The rest is your taste/what you have in the fridge.
I like a fresh potato and a fresh carrot. I used to put in a bay leaf, but my son tried to eat it once. Now I just leave it out. Usually some frozen mixed veggies
find their way in too. Often I add leftovers to get rid of them by HIDING them.

Brown the meat. Drain fat if necessary. Add soup, water and any veggies. Simmer until veggies are done. Reheats well. Rarely have many leftovers for long. I am not a huge tomato soup fan, but this does not taste like tomato soup..nor does it taste watery. Its a mystery!


Angie said…
Hey girlfriend, I wondered where you had been hiding, if you were okay, etc. :D Oh aren't you just sooo glad that Fall is on it's way?? I just can't wait for some cooler temps would think that I lived in AZ!! ROFL Yum, could you, would you Fed Ex me some stew and rolls??? I've printed out the stew recipe but you forgot the roll recipe!! ;P I've missed you, and I'm glad to 'see' you back! :D STAY OUT OF THE POOL now. LOL
QuiltingFitzy said…
Yeah, dang, it's WAY too cold! I'm readying the camping gear tho-WOO HOO.

I use Spicy V-8 for my base, sure does perk up that broth. Other than that, mine is about the same.
Bingo~Bonnie said…
yum YUM! Your stew looks and sounds delecious!!! thanks for writting down the recipe. For people like me this is so helpful b/c I woudl love to make a vegetable soup like my mother once made btu she isn't aroudn to call up and ask how to. I lost her before I was married and so I am way be hind in the cooking catagory. Thankfully my dh still loves me anyway. :)

I have cut and pasted it with the photo into a word and will be buying ingreedents on the next trip to the grocery.

Good timing too b/c I was just wanting to begin a soup night for dinner each night now that Fall is coming. Coordnating it with preschool day so that I can have it on low all day and not have to rush for supper ;)

Happy Weekend and Thanks again for sharing!!! ~Bonnie in SE Texas

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