fessing up week 4

Ok, So I am not going to post pictures EVERY week, but working on more often than
once a month! Here we are at the end of Jan and there has been a BIT of progress!
There is more room to cut: I moved the white organizer over to the sewing area.
You can see in the center is a green board. I found it at JoAnns. I will be hanging that up so I can
hang my project instructions on there with a magnet. I also have a dry erase board nearby
to list the scrap sizes of blocks I work on from time to time.
I think I"m ADD...and I love to flit from project to project.

Here is the sewing area. I have not sewn there today, so its gotten a bit more cluttered than I can stand! You can see the white organizer just to the left of center top. I have also started
reorganizing all my gadgets. I have a lazy susan just to the right of the sewing machine. It
always takes me awhile to figure out what I NEED, what I will keep and where
it will go.

This is between the cutting area and the sewing machine. Its actually stacked better than last time.
Just not sure you can SEE that. I can walk in there a bit easier. I would love to have a bed for Chewy to sleep on next to the sewing machine...withOUT anything over his head that can fall on him! 


Angie said…
Hey girlfriend, these pictures are just signs of serious creativity at work. :D Mine isn't one bit better than yours. LOL Those furbabies are just adorable---don't you just love the different expressions on their little faces. LOL Sounds like a fun way to spend a day---with a friend AT the Road to CA.
Yes, serious creativity! Although, i almost want to come over and do some organizing! lol
Maria said…
Hi, my sewing room looks a bit like yours, and I have to wait to organize all that mess until my leg gets in order

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