February's wish list

       I sure was a SLUG in January! I only got one QOV done so here is the list AGAIN:

    -Finish Kathy's quilt: quilting
          -quilt Katy's throw: quilting and fringing (its fleece)
          -Erin's beer quilt : piece last 2 rows, add border, quilt and bind

          -quilt 4  3 Quilts of Valor:only one is mine so that one will need to be bound
           -border Pat's quilt and load it on the frame.

 I will see if I can do a better job this month. Sports Guy started driving just after Thanksgiving. When school started in Jan, he started driving himself to school. This is a good thing...BUT, it put
 my regular schedule out of whack. I am working on setting one up so I schedule in my sewing and quilting. It may be hard as we will be doing some club soccer stuff for a few months-PLUS high school baseball. I better get organized QUICK!


Anonymous said…
Organization is the key word! Sounds like you have a focus plan, though, and that's half the battle.
Beth Probasco said…
Hey, I can relate. Just remember not to beat yourself up if you don't get everything done on your list, I sure didn't. Those UFO's and other things will WAIT for us!! LOL Kind of like housework!!
Beth in MN
Alycia said…
Organization is a struggle *sigh* but I like seeing the progress in your quilting room!!

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