A treat!

Yesterday, I got a TREAT! A day away, with a friend, out of town...and QUILTS! What could be better! I got up EARLY (in our house we call that 'Oh Dark Thirty' ..I know there is a movie with almost the same name. We have been using that to mean VERY early for years. Its a throw back to military time!) with a HUGE headache. Bad omen! I got up anyway, dressed, downed a cup of coffee and 2 Advil, gathered my things and headed to the...AIRPORT! After I was in the airport, thru security with a Starbucks and a blueberry scone, I noticed...it was raining. Well, THAT explains the headache! We were not due to have rain till Saturday! (altho I have to tell you, I am writing this on Friday night..and its already raining!)

I arrived in Ontario California..and my friend Miss J. picked me up. Off we went to see Road to California! I have not been in a few years, so it was fun. I am not sure if I was more excited to see Miss J or the quilts...or maybe both together! I dont' shop well with others, but Miss J and I  do very well together. We looked at the quilts 1st, then shopped. I enjoyed the quilts, but not many really spoke my name. As much as I love machine quilting, I have mixed feelings about the quilts that are quilted so heavily. They ARE masterpieces..and I DO love to see the quilting designs....but they have so much they are stiff. No way, no how that those will ever grace a bed. See? I told you! Mixed feelings! Here is my small stash of treasures!

some stencils, two spools of Magnifico thread (Superior Thread), a 1/4 foot
for the 301, a pumpkin pattern, a shirt and panel from Block Party. I am having
trouble posting the shirt and panel. I am able to edit them rightside up, but when I POST
it on Blogger, its upside down. SIGH
I guess I will have to take more pictures. What a drag!
I will have to add them later...
I had a great time in Ca. I arrived home to find EVERY light in the house on as Sports Guy was home
alone with the dogs. As luck would have it, he had a half day yesterday too. Wonder if FRIENDS were involved!? My feet were happy to be home tho. I had
forgotten to pack my walking shoes and so spent the day in my Clarks. no blisters..just one sore toe, so no harm done.


Janet said…
HI Beth,
I popped over to your blog after you visited mine:) I wonder if we were passing each other in the crowded aisle at the Road to California? I too, bought a t-shirt it is bright green and said "Quilting is my Passion and Chocolate is a close second" I too two Aleve before heading out to the convention center - let me know if you plan on attending next year and perhaps we can meet up :)
Happy quilting on your new machine!

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