wall hanging placement

Do you remember THIS wallhanging ? Well, I'm finally getting around to hanging in my sewing room. I have a friend I have coffee with and he has threatened to come over in the dead of night and SWIPE it. I think its time! I had planned to hang it over the cutting table..but I am having second thoughts. Care to give me an opinion? Here are my options:
This was where I planned to put it. Not sure I want my lights in the way.
I am thinking of a magnetic bar for cutters and scissors
with that green board and maybe another one like it for notes
above that.

This is to the left of the cutting area. If I hang it here, the picture will move
and the set of hangers to the right will find a new home also. (You can see my DD"s white hat from AF Academy cadet days hanging on the top one.) Those organizers might be useful over the
cutting table. I might have to paint them tho. I'm such a  bright girl..and they are drab colors.
What do YOU think? Any and all opinions welcome!
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Angie said…
Picture no. 2---lights would detract from it in picture no. 1. That's my humble opinion and I'm sticking to it. :D Love the color of your walls, btw.
I like option #2. You are lucky to have sewing room. I've only ever had a sewing room once. And that was over two years ago. We down-sized, and now I have to find a place in the corner of our bedroom. :)

I'll check back to see where you put it!

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