USC quilt every year we rent a beach house in Central California. All friends of my husband from high school ...only 2 of us 'aliens' are Mayfair Monsoon alums. I have been making each husband a quilt...this year is Nick's year. Nick is a USC FANATIC with the emphasis on FAN! He has season tickets, tailgates at each get the picture. So when I asked him last year, what kind of quilt he wanted, this is what answer I recieved : Weeeelll, I REALLY would like a USC quilt, but you probably can't make one of those. (do you hear the CHALLENGE in that request? Do you think I would EVER make him anything ELSE? nope...not me..not gonna back down on THIS ONE! ::::grin::::). I found USC fabric. Every idea I had sketched, my DH said "that is too graphic". those colors? ANY quilt in gold and maroon is gonna be GRAPHIC! I finally agreed with him on one...with a center square featuring the USC logo. Not the Trojan...I'm not THAT good! Just the letters. I scanned them off the fabric and cut them out for size. I'm thinking they need to be a BIT bigger..but how about some opinions? Please? They WILL be in please excuse the white paper color!

The plan is to fuse, then edge stitch in maroon and do a wide zig zag just in side the edges to mimic the outline. On the logo letters there is an outline of the letter colors. Thanks in advance for your opinions...I love to have a sounding board!

PS Julie no forwarding this on to Nick!


Sheila said…
Those letters look to be a perfect size from here, even if they are *those* letters. haha

Signed, a Buckeye

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