USC progress

I fiddle and futzed with the letters...and finally got a combo of 3 I liked. Here are 3 fused:

Here is a closer look at the U...On the fabric, it looked like the letters had a thin border around the whole letter. Instead of cutting extra pieces I used a zigzag stitch.

This is a close up of the zigzag. I have never been a great satin stitcher, so I just lengthened the stitch so it was not solid. It is nothing to write home about, but I like the look. If you step back, it looks like the one on the fabric. I'm a happy camper. I will do the S tomorrow, but I'm pegged out on zigzag for the night. It takes too much out of me! lolol

Tomorrow I get to attend the AZ LongArm Quilters group. It should be a good time! They meet every other month and last meeting I was flying to Austin that day. DRAT! The program this month is how to plan a whole cloth quilt. THAT will be interesting. I hope to make a trip into IKEA. I need some under bed storage and something to hold my batting roll under the Gammill. Night!


dot said…
I have made two USC quilts. One for my son and one for my neice. My daughter had me make a quilt with USC on one side and the Oregon Ducks on the other for her and her husband. It is fun. You can check the quilts out on my blog.

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