haul from Goodwill

Yesterday on my way home from sewing class, I popped into Goodwill. My friend had told me it might be a good place to look for something to keep my thread in. I can always get the plastic drawers, but I'm tired of plastic. It has to be under 25 inches...and the drawers have to be deep enuf for a big cone of thread. I didn't find any furniture..but I DID find treasures!

I have a gap between my sewing table and my cutting table. Things that fall down between are hard to retrieve! I will be using parts of a couple of these things to make a caddy to fill that gap...Karen has been revving me up on my Home Depot wanderings. I love the crafty stuff she comes up with!

A frame for a Lang calendar. I have loved those for a long time...now I have some place to hang it... Also a box with a hole on the side. I'm going to repaint it and use it as a tissue box. Counter space on my sewing table it at a premium. I will be able to stack something on this if the tissues come out the side.

The blue divided platter will go on the long arm for prewound bobbins and other gadgets. See a snowflake theme here? I MIGHT be tempted to call my new quilting biz something with a snowflake...except I live in the DESERT! HA! Wishful thinking...

This little guy is self explanitory. I'm a dog person...and I have papers to organize. Enuf said!

Tomorrow is laundry day. I will finish up quilting a baby quilt and get started putting the next together. Maybe have borders and most of the backing together before bed. See you tomorrow!


QuiltingFitzy said…
But I like the name, "Desert Flake".


I like your drawer thingy, what color will you use? Sure wish I lived as close to IKEA as you do, my sewing room need serious help.
Angie said…
You did good!! Of course, you DO know that I have fallen in love with the doggie paper holder!!! Sure looks like a wienie dog to me! :D
You haven't posted to your blog in awhile, is anything wrong?

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