300 posts!

OH MY GOODNESS! I just looked at my post counter...and this is 301! I know I have been a bad bad blogger this summer, but fall looks better for good info anyway!Maybe I should have a giveaway! More info to come...

I got to attend the Sept meeting of the AZ LongArm Quilters. Its part of the AZ Quilters Guild. I had an errand to do on the way. I only looked at the address from MY house...not from where my errand was. ::::S I G H:::: I'm not too upset if I'm just a bit late for things..but NOT THE FIRST TIME! I hate to be late to something my 1st visit. I WAS...I over shot not once..not twice but THREE TIMES! This is a lesson to ME...READ THE MAP. BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE ERRAND SITE. Enuf said.

I really enjoyed the meeting. Well..not the meeting part..those are always necessary..but boring. Especially when you are not part of any of what they are talking about! But this month they had a program...and it was GREAT! Terry Doyle talked about how to plan a whole cloth quilt. She even gave us folders with vellum, pencil, ruler and about 6 sheets of design idea. Her tip to look for quilting ideas all around you must have stuck. I took these 2 pictures at GOODWILL in the linens dept! HA!

I found these in the kitchen...I know I will get more use out of them in the quilt studio than the kitchen. I think they will live there for now...

The 2nd speaker was Jessica Brunneman ( have probably butchered her last name..I CALLED her Jennifer, even tho I have met her before. My brain said Jessica even as my mouth was voicing Jennifer!what a DAY!) She shared background fill ideas instead of always stippling. THAT was fun! She gave ideas for projects we brought too.

The AZ quilters guilds's charity (I'm not sure if always or just this year) is Quilts of Valor. They had a couple dozen quilts ready to go with backing/batting/top ready for volunteers to take home and quilt. Any way we want...good practice for a newbie! I took two and they don't have to be returned till Jan.

And last but not least: show and tell! there was one quilt that just came back from Moda's challenge traveling show...a quilt the quilter needed help on background fill (good timing on her part!) and a raffle quilt I have seen before and drooled AGAIN!

Tomorrow I will show you what I snagged at Goodwill...and what is going to become...and one more helpful tip from the Long arm group...I'm tired!


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