OK OK! I promise to post more!

Julie No Blog has called me on the phone to COMPLAIN! She said it was ENTIRELY unacceptable that I have not posted since early Aug. I tell you..moving 3 rooms...getting a kid settled in school....breaking down my old frame...having the new one delivered...trying to get the courage to THREAD IT...OIL it...OH MY GOODNESS! STITCH on it!

The Gammill got delivered a week and a half ago..Guess what I have been doing? Trying not to be intimidated by it! I'm taking an online feather class called Feather Bootcamp. That is overwhelming and a good thing at the same time. I HAVE to stitch to keep up with the class...so I have to dive in and not tip toe around saying "its such a big machine...::whine whine::: Idon't know how to thread it ::;whine whine:::: how do I oil it ::;whine whine::::

here is a small peek at what I'm working on in the class: This is my 2nd attempt at a squared off feathered wreath:

This is my practice drawing for the day.

I'm really enjoying this class! Its given me the confidence to maybe try some of these free motion. Some of the students in the class have been stitching on fleece. I will look for some this weekend. See you soon!


Vicki W said…
I am planning to use part of my 6-day Labor Day vacation to work on my class exercises. I haven't had a chance to get beyond drawing yet!
Kathleen said…
Your first square and your drawing look soooo good for first attempts. That must be encouraging. You ARE going to be a 'pro' when you are finished.
(And thanks, Julie No Blog, for pestering!)
QuiltingFitzy said…
Yeah, I'm back too. Sometimes you just HAVE to take a break!

Looks like your feathers will take you anywhere you want to go. You're doing GREAT!
Jackie Russell said…
Your feathers are looking great!
Angie said…
You go, girl!! I'm into pups. Yes, yes, I said 'pups'...I rescued another one last week. A tiny little 7-8 week old daschund with maybe a little something else thrown in there. ;) When I find a few minutes to transfer photos I'll share pictures of her. And again, yes, this is my first female. :D She's just adorable and Bayley is having a blast having someone to romp and wrestle with. Life is good---hectic, no sleep, dirt and dirty dishes everywhere--but good, nonetheless. :D And I'd call to to tell you to post more if I had your #, so aren't you lucky??? ROFL

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