In honor of Rookie

If you have read my blog for over a year, you remember this day last year.

My border collie mix, Rookie, escaped from our locked house during a storm. He was missing for almost 4 months. His return was because a caring person took him to a vets office where he was scanned for a microchip. You can imagine my surprise (and JOY) to get him back after so much time. I had a huge red nose from crying and a grin from ear to ear! (and this after 3 days before bringing home a new PUP! HA! God DOES have a sense of humor!). In honor of Rookie's return, please microchip your pets! If they are microchipped, please take this time this week to update and/or review their info. You need to update everytime you move.

I hug him EVERYDAY and marvel at the fact that we got him back!


Tanya said…
Yes, I remember all the hard times you had with loosing Rookie and then the joy at his return. What a wonderful story! Our dog has been microchipped because she often escaped (though returned herself). It makes me feel relieved that there is hope of finding her if she ever gets completely lost.
Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness! When I saw your comment about your Rookie, I had to see if he was on your blog, and wow what a cutie! Him and Roscoe could totally be brothers! But what I can't get over is how you got him after 4 months!! Brought a tear to my eyes! I can't even imagine....I think I have to give that microchip a second thought.

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