Painting DONE!

YIPPPEEE! I don't mind PAINTING> Its the prepping...taping...PRIMING! ICK! I finished priming the rest of the room last night...and today my loving DH lent a hand with the roller. I do the nitpicky detail stuff...and he is GREAT with a roller. We had the rest of the room knocked out by 11. BOY was I HUNGRY! I also feel like I was hit by a mac truck. Sheesh!...its just PAINT! I will finish touching up as soon as I fold the latest load of clothes. Then I think I"m ready for a NAP! It was so hot in there with out the ceiling fan going. I sure rely on them ALOT!

I may get to start moving all my STUFF... SEWING EQUIPMENT tonight. I don't be able to move the old frame table till DH gets home on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. I will move as much as I can with out getting in the way of that long table. Its a10 ft Formica counter on 3 Ikea dressers. I am hoping to have the countertop raised up so I can use it as a work surface..and maybe one end a desk area for this laptop. I have the Gammill scheduled to be moved this coming Friday. It will go into the room I currently use as a studio. My DH and I measured again yesterday just to make sure. I was right and I will have to move out. The new studio is a 12 ft by 12 ft square room. The current studio is 11ft by 14ft. I need those extra 2 feet for the 12 foot frame! :::giggle::: Can't you just see me LIMBO-ing under that frame to get to the other side? I would rather move all my sewing stuff! lolol I promise to post some pictures as soon as it looks a bit more organized! In the mean time, where in the HECK am I going to find room for all my son's TREASURES? Boy, by the time this is all done, I will have cleaned out/moved no less than 3 rooms of stuff!

Sorry about no pictures. I do hate to blog w/o pictures...


Kathleen said…
What a happy reason to be moving stuff, painting, organizing! I'm excited for you.
Angie said…
I am SOOOO glad you're 'back'!!! I've missed you, girl! Sounds like a very TIRING venture, but one that will be well worth it when it's all done! :) Hey, I'm so sorry to hear about your break-in---geez, nothing is safe, is it? Hug Rookie and the other furbabies for me. I'm afraid my Bayley has hurt his back (already--he's only 4 mo.). Let's just hope and pray it's only 'sore'.
Anyway, I'm so glad you're back! :)
It must be blogger sewing room update season!! What fun, and don't you just love Ikea,,,see, I speak swedish as well!! Well, I think it's sweden???
Can't wait to see the pictures, tracey

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