boy room memories

I love decorated space. That said, I'm not a great decorator! The more I quilt, the more I learn about color, the better I am about picking out what I want in my house. Here are two borders that I'm painting over this week. This room was my son's room..he still CALLS it his room. All that it is used for at the moment is a recepticle for his possesions! He does not sleep in this room. Only his STUFF sleeps there!

This is the heavy equipment border I painted when he 1st moved in this room. His sister had gone off to college, and his big brother picked the OTHER available room. This one fell to him. At the time, they were building a freeway loop near our house. His favorite thing was to count the cement mixers on our way here and there. One time we counted 22 in a 15 min trip! I painted each one on the wall in colors we had seen that day.

Here is the sports border that went OVER the stenciling. Notice the wall color is the same. I didn't paint. What you cannot see is that I never finished covering up the stenciling! Both of these border treatments are in the SAME ROOM! I'm hanging my head in SHAME! I hope to help my son decorate his room and FINISH the whole thing! I also hope to talk him out of black or red walls! HA!

I'm off to keep packing up his treasures for moving to his new room...oh..and I forgot rollers for the paint! Back to HD!


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