quilt cartoon Day 2

Earl and Opal spend more time in the quilt shop!

After I read yesterday's Pickles to my husband...I found TWO golf cartoons...so I had to cut those out too!

Yesterday was kinda stressful for me... my mom had hip replacement surgery...and my husband and daughter were moving my daughter from MS to TX. It was hard on me ...I could do NOTHING, but sit by the phone! Today I'm happy to report that Mom is up and tottering around the nurses station....and the travelers have unloaded the truck, returned it, set up the bed and kitchen table, and driven to my parents house. THEY get to see Mom before I do! WAAAAAA!


jillquilts said…
I'm glad the surgery and move both went OK!! I'm sure you were stressed waiting for the phone to ring!
It is alwasy stressful when someone you care about is ill.... hope you are giving yourself a little "you" time too. Glad your mom is ok. I loved Texas when we lived there.....now we are in Mississippi. It is growing on me.
Angie said…
There you are!!! I've missed you! Now, I admit, I don't post very often, but I'm always checking yours to see if you're 'back'. :D I'm so glad your Mom's surgery went well and she's 'up and about'; and that your daughter got a bed and kitchen table. :D Why is it that the older we get, the busier things to become? I had the mistaken idea that it was supposed to be in the REVERSE! LOL OMG, don't get me started on computer crap---our son thought we should get DSL--then he leaves for San Fran, CA, and leaves ME holding the bag as to getting tech support (yes, tech support!!!!) out here in the boonies to help me. We do have it up and running now but I still can't get the router for my computer to work yet. Anyway, been thinking about you in all of that HEAT. Can't wait to see some furbaby photos!
Angie said…
Oh oh oh, I forgot to comment on the 'used' longarm---I WANT ONE TOO!!! (One would ask 'what for?' when you haven't stepped foot in your sewing room in a year) ROFL Will you quilt my tops----if I ever make any again??? :D
kimberly said…
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