Call me Grace!

My Thursday quilt group at the library had a small quilt show on ,...well THURSDAY! My friend was helping me load my car and I fell. I think my ankle turned and I fell off the curb. It happened so fast and I dont' even want to remember it. It HURT! There is a chance my ankle is broken as I still cannot put any weight on it. I will have it looked at-promise! This is my view for the time being:

Ice and elevation! 
I have a nest: 
coffee, remotes, chargers
ice, and everything I can think of
I promise: just up for bathroom breaks and food
and to go to bed!

this is what I cannot see on the back of my upper arm!
I think its a good thing I cannot look at it! 
It hurts more to the touch than my ankle. 

In a day or so, I am planning on setting myself up in my sewing room to work on
My class project!


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