Judy is having a quilt-a-thon today. Despite a slow start (game before son's All Star Game went long...so he started almost an hour late. We didn;'t get home till close to midnight...) I have been in the studio all day. Ok ...ok...I HAVE taken potty breaks...made some grilled cheese sandwiches...taken a few peeks at the baseball game of the moment (White Sox vs Cubbies earlier..but MY Diamondbacks at the moment)..here is what I have been up to:

You KNOW you have it bad, when not ONLY do you feel GUILTY if you have no leaders/enders, but when you DO..you have TWO going at once!

The four patches are my feeble attempt to start Orange Crush When I'm ready to REALLY work on this, I will re-purchase the ruler I cannot find...:::sniff sniff::: The flying geese are part of the border on my cheater I Spy...That will be coming up soon. I'm piecing the back on this too...

I have been wanting to try
Tonya's free form letters. I think I like calling mine 'wonky'. Now I'm am thinking of all SORTS of places to put these! What do you think in the same border as the flying geese (seen above) "I spy with my little eye...'? (the colors are a bit washed out in the picture..they are brighter..you know ME...I LOVE brights!)

Morah at Fat Quarters had a tutorial for these luggage tags. I fell in LOVE with them! I had a hard time waiting for her to post it...but I survived. This one is for ME...check out the cacti. Seems appropriate, dont'cha think? There is a plastic window inside to put whatever info you want. I just put last name and phone number
There is a huge button hole to thread the loop thru. Took me longer to figure out the buttonhole, than to make the whole tag! Too funny...

and now to leave you for a bit..with this: This is what you get when you go to bed with a wet head!

I had my marching orders to 'something with your hair before my friend comes over MOM!' HARUMPH...I would have anyway! Does he think I WANT to be seen like that!!???
(and I thought it was just my new glasses giving me fits! )
Back to the studio...


Jo-Ann said…
Love the "wonky" letters. Also love the cacti fabric - how cute is that. You wouldn't even have to live in cacti country to love it.
Poor ds - been there and done that. A little hair goo will take care of that.
Jen said…
Now I need to see a straight on shot of you! I've always had an idea in my head of what you look like for all these years and I think I'm wayyyy off!! =)

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