Another idea for strippy scraps

My friend shared her quilt picture with me. She pieced her strips just like I showed you. Then she pieced them as a stacked bricks ..using the pieced strips in one row and a solid black in the next. I think it makes all those scraps SHINE! Almost looks like a piece of art, dont' you think?

I DO think she cut all her pieces to one size to match the black brick. They look like they are a consistent size. She did a sew in for the AOL chat room making this quilt.


Gina said…
Doesn't the black make the strips pop out at you. I love using black in a quilt.

love and hugs xxx
Anne Ida said…
That is a wonderful scrap quilt! The blac really sets of all those yummy colours!
Michele said…
What a beautiful quilt - be sure to tell you friend that she's inspired some others out in the blogosphere.
Loks great, I really enjoyed your strip quilts, it interests me that everyone seems to do these slightly different...all to a fabulous result, tracey
scraphappy said…
The black really makes the scraps sparkle. I love the steps. I am nominating you for an award, check out my blog for the info. :)

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