Anyone else having trouble with Bloglines today? Either NO ONE is blogging, or the updates are not working well. I think I must be addicted to some of them...I mean...where ARE those bloggers..and why have they not blogged TODAY??? (no, they are not allowed to have lives until their blogs are updated!)...(Julie No BLog is gonna have a CONNIPTION when she sees'm not a very faithful blogger either!~ LOLOL)

well, at LEAST I posted the next step for the round tote LAST NIGHT, so it would be up early this morning. I really meant to have it post today, but I forgot how to set the timer, so to speak. Of course, as SOON as I posted it, I remembered....AHHH the 50+ yr old mind! (no sputtering Julie-No-Blog! You will be as OLD AS ME SOON! Muahahahahaha!)

I'm off to throw fabric around in the sewing room again. I actually cut fabric yesterday..that means you could SEE the cutting mat! WHOOPPPPEEEE!


Angie said…
Ahhhh girl you are so much fun!! And I'm one of those missing in action bloggers. :/ But hey, I'm 50 ++ LOL. I am loving this tote tute! No, I haven't started it yet...remember those HOUNDS that have to be carried around? :D But I AM printing it off AND I AM going to make it......SOON!!!!! :D LOVE LOVE LOVE your sewing room. Wish mine looked as GOOD as yours!!! :D Aren't the Olympics fun?

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