A give away!

Visits to my blog have been creeping...creeping...creeping up toward 30,000! As of right now, I'm only TEN away! I think its time to have a give away! I found some FQ packs at Knots and Bolts and a few other goodies to add to the fun. Just leave me a comment about what YOU are working on. I will keep it open till next Wed, so you have a whole week to decide what you will fess up to working on!

I'm working on:

-my Carolina Christmas (I'm SO ADD when it comes to sewing...if I have to make a TON of one kind of piece...I have to break it up with sewing other things and quilting so I don't nod off!)

-Portugese Tiles ...I was going to make these for Camp Erin, but I am told they need BOY quilts. There are some fabs in there I don't think would go over GREAT for the men, so I will work on these..but will be ramping up MANLY quilts. Hehehehehe
(this is a M'liss Rae Hawley pattern, I forget what book, but I love her piecing!)

-quilting an Egg Money quilt. When I get something to show, I will!

-my round tote (see I TOLD you I was ADD!) I will be sewing the next step today, so I can take pictures and get it ready EARLY in the day on Friday!

And THIS is my sewing room! I think it looks like a hurricane just ran thru it. Notice the round tote pieces on TOP...oh..and the Olympics on the TV. I'm in heaven in there...EVEN in the mess!

PS For those of you who read my blog and are not bloggers..and cannot figure out how to leave a comment? Just e-mail me at soccertxi at aol dot com (no spaces, no 'a' in taxi, and the regular symbols.) I will add you to the comment parade for a chance at the give aways. Just put 'count me in' in the subject line. :::grin::: Hand waving to get my attention is optional.


Vicki W said…
What am I working on? weekly fabric dyeing, Judy Laquidara's Peaches and Cream quilt, my Fiberactions Communication challenge, that exceedingly stupid cat cross stitch project, 3 Creative Studios BOM and about 40 other projects that I should be working on but am not!
Pat said…
What am I working on?!

1. quilting a QOV
2. piecing 'Tent Flaps'
3. binding dd's greenie
4. St. Patrick's Day purse and ww
5. pillowcases!
6. cancer recovery bags and Like Vicky, about 40 other things that should get done :)
Michele said…
Working on:
Challenge quilt for guild challenge. That's it for now, really - it has to be done by March 1 and I'm not all that far along on the quilting.
Working on:
Willowberry stitchery from last year's BOM.

I am about to start a quilt for Quilting Treasures and also working on a new design for them also.

The third...or is that forth thing is a wool applique.

Love the looks of you "studio". I would be so comfortable there. Some think it is cluttered....I think it is creativity at work!

Mary said…
I am working on getting some hand applique for car/ship on a couple vacations. And I need to start a grandbaby quilt
Beth said…
Still working on the Beatles quilt for son by May. He will turn 25..so it has to be an awesome quilt!
Annie said…
What am I working on???
- Christmas Row x Row
- Snowbound BOM
- Carolina Christmas
- sewing random 1.5inch squares into 4 patches (Why??? I don't know!! Because they were there?)
vivian said…
Working on"
*Staying warm (full time job this winter!)
*my rooster quilt
*mushroom quilt
*cleaning my sewing room!!
Joyce said…
I hope I'm not too late. These pesky time zones! I'm working on a quilt featuring free pieced letters and liberated stars a la Gwen M.
b davis said…
I just found your blog today. I saw your comment on the quilt along giveaway over at the crazy old ladies blog. It was such a fun comment, I hopped over to check your blog out. Anyway, glad to "meet" ya! We moved from Az just about 9 months ago. My husband is in the AF and we are now in Mississippi for the next little bit. Anyway, thanks for the fun giveaway, I'll be checking back in with you and your quilting projects.
b davis said…
me again. I forgot to mention what I was working on. I am doing an applique bunny wall hanging for Easter. Not big on applique, but it has been a nice change up.
I'm late coming to the game here! How did I miss your give away post? Hope I'm not tooooo late! I'm working on: pillowcases, stippling three quilts, and I started some paintbox blocks today! Thanks for including me, please!
fancystitching said…
What am I working on?
1. Taxes ... yuck!
2. Knitting a pair of socks
3. A few customer quilts
4. Row-by-row quilt for guild

Thanks for your nice give-away!
Sherry Hayes said…
Love the view into your sewing room, Soccer. I really like the colors in the tote.
Please enter me into the drawing on your blog.
Signed, SHayes1 from chat.

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