OK, so I DIDN"T get any pictures posted. Its been a rough week. On top of losing my friend, our older son had to have 6 stitches after "Video my last run of the last day, Dad" mishap! No joke! He is hobbling and I had to promise to stand by to take out stitches in a couple of days. Saturday, our YOUNGER son hit the ground hard , butt 1st and then head. We are fortunate that we have parents on the team who are physicians. A quick once over...he is fine, but was not tiptop for a couple days. He DID play again on Sunday. I didnt' go because I figured he would not play. Old family tradition! : if MOM IS NOT THERE< PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SCORE A GOAL! YES, he played, YES he is a defender, YES HE SCORED! Someone had the gall to tell me I"m bad luck. Try telling him I'm not going to any more of his games. That was a low blow.

OK...I'm back on track!

Here is a picture of a fleece throw I did for our older son's girlfriend for Christmas. They have not been dating too long, so I didnt' want anything TOO elaborate. I DID want something hand made. When I took the Feather Bootcamp class last fall, some of the students were layering 2 layers of fleece and just practicing their feathers. I tried it out and

LOOK! this was SO much fun! I didn't even have purple thread! I found a green that was the same value, so no contrast. You cannot even see the thread on one side. It just snuggles down into the fleece. She LOVED this! I got reports of her having to fight off her mom when she was sick. I think I will keep and eye out for fleece sales! This would be easy to quilt up for a last minute gift. Maybe I need to ask for another room added on: we will call it the 'batting and fleece room'!

The color is not good on two of the pictures. My camera is picky about lighting. The true color is the 1st picture. I finished it off by fringing the edges. Next time I will sacrifice a rotary blade. I cut all the fringe by hand: ICK!

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Michele said…
That's just lovely. Either Hancocks or JoAnn's has fleece on sale either now or very soon - it's in one of the flyers I got last week.
That's just beautiful. Such wonderful feathers! She a lucky girl!
Suzan said…
Gorgeous feathers!
Really nice Beth! Next thing we know you'll be making a bathtowel rug like Connie. Seriously, nice work.
Vicki W said…
I made quilted fleece blankets for Christmas a few years ago. I was so pleased with myself for using neon lime thread on the first black one. Not one tiny speck of that thread showed through! After that I used whatever thread I wanted to get rid of!
Alycia said…
Ohh I love that quilt! The feathers are wonderful - but the fleece color - oh wonderful!!

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