I have layered the top on batting and the backing. Since the cotton batting holds onto the fabric well, I did not pin this to hold it in place.

I used a piece of fabric for the backing I didnt' like much. I will be covered with the lining so no one will see it. STASH BUSTED!

I stitched in the ditch between my rows...

bringing the bobbin thread up each time to avoid...well...thread SNOT on the back. you dont' know what thread snot is? I will show you next time I get some. I hold on to the threads on the top so I don't get them on the bottom. Its not fool proof...but helps ALOT.

I chose to do a bit more quilting in the black rows. You can also see the 2 quilted squares. I decided that once I had my quilting foot on with my feed dogs down, I would just 'doodle' them up. We will trim them up on the next step.

Any questions? please post in comments so everyone can see. I have found if I have a question, so will others. No quilt police, no dumb questions. honest.

I would love to see pictures if anyone would like to show their color choices. (my FAV part..seeing all the colors people pick!)


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