We have WINNERS!

YIPPPEEE! This was fun! I tagged in each comment, either on the blog or by e-mail with a number. I found a random number generator over at mathgoodies and generated 3 numbers...because..well..I have THREE set of prizes! Thank you all for playing..and I promise not to wait TOO long before I do it again. (it was fun!..oh wait..I already said that!)

::::::::drum roll please:::: The winners are:

Kathy at Fancy stitching
and Nn859 (she is from my aol chat room..and I have met her in PERSON!)


Please send me your snail mail addys.

I'm off to take quilty pictures...and to do tomorrow's tote info...see you in a bit...


Congrats to the winners! (insert pout here since I wasn't one of them) LOL!
ritzquilts said…
whine whine, I did't win either..lol...Congrats to all who did, it's fun to see what Beth comes up with next

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