OK..OK...I know this is REALLY not early. I'm giving myself some slack. Its my birthday...I took myself to breakfast with a new book. You need to know, I'm a reading ADDICT. When I sit down with a book, its likely that the house will fall down around my ears, dinner will be non existent, and the kids will be running rampant thru the house with muddy dogs in tow. Yes, I did finish the book (I also read so fast that I have been known to start reading a book only to figure out in Chapter 3 that I have read it before!). I'm blogging this NOW, before I discover I have another book by the same author. ::;grin::::

here we go!

For Step 1 you need:

12-14 inches by the width of the fabric of pre-quilted fabric
(dont worry too much about the width..anything close to 40 inches will
work fine. There will be some gathering going on..so fudge factors will
be used)

1 yard of fabric for the lining and inside pockets

2 12 inch squares of quilted fabric

Here is my fabric (before quilting) and my lining. I'm on my way to quilt them and will show you what they look like after quilting.

****make it your own alert******
The quilted fabric can be:
all one fabric
pieced (mine is left over pieced strips from a mystery I'm doing)
prequited (like you might make purses, or placemats out of)
decorator fabric (one with a bit more body than cotton, you might
not have to quilt it at all)

Quilting the body of this is a great place to practice your freemotion quilting! If you are not of the freemotion persuation, just do some stitch in the ditch or cross hatching. The Quilt Police will NOT show up on your doorstep! Its just fabric, have FUN.

I will be back in a while to show you my quilted piece and the 2 quilted squares. We will be using the squares later, but maybe you would like to get all the quilting out of the way early. I will also show some of the equipment we will be using later in the tutorial. You might need to do some poking around at the craft store or home improvement store to find them, so I'm giving you a head start. Off you go now to stashdive for your fabrics. See you in a bit!


Angie said…
Happy, happy birthday, dear Beth!!! :) Hope you have a fantastic day! I too am a voracious reader. AND my birthday is the 26th of this month...hmmm, wonder what else we have in common? :) Love the colors of those strips!! :)

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