Time to take a deep breath!

Since last weekend when Sports Man's soccer team lost two days in a row in a double elimination tournament, our soccer season is over. Bittersweet!

NOW, he just has high school baseball on his plate, instead of two sports at once! I felt like I had roller skates on, and I was not even playing!

now I can work on this: Any suggestions on how to quilt this? It has been loaded on my frame, but since I have not decided on how I want to quilt it...there it SITS....SIGH!

I have made 3 of these little >sweet zips from Terry Aktinson. Before you tell me there are only TWO in the picture, my husband grabbed his and RAN Off before I could snap a picture. You see he is using his for his IPOD...and before a sweet zip made out of AF Academy fabric, he had a sweet little envelope bag with a snap made from oriental silky fabric...PINK silky fabric! He likes the manlier look! :::snicker:::: I added a ribbon loop for a caribeener (is that how you spell that hooky gadget from mountain climbing? I love them for keys!) Sports man uses his for his contact case and a small bottle of contact solution.

And this is what is on my design wall. I found the missing sections the day the quilt show opened. Figures! I guess its destined for next yrs show! I am putting the sections together slowly. They are kinda fiddly...and I want the seams to match REALLY well if I am thinking of entering it in the show

And JUST so you know, I'm a typical quilter...here is a REAL look at one of the working areas in my sewing room. I just clear a path if I need to take a picture! Just a small service I offer so you don't feel overwhelmed like I do!

I am hoping to post more often now. I'm taking an online whole cloth quilt class at MQResource. I will try to post a few pictures of my drawing progress tomorrow. See you then!


fancystitching said…
LOVE the RWB quilt, Beth! No suggestions on quilting, though. My only thought is CC on all those little squares... but that is kind of fiddly. The brightly colored star quilt is really going to be stunning!!

Mary said…
I'm pretty sure I'm going to do a pantograph on mine. It's going to be a gift for Keith's mom I think....still debating whether I'm willing to give it to her!
Amy said…
love the quilt! the little bags are so nice, I need to try to make the medium size.

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