Here are a couple of pictures of the quilt on my frame. I feel like I have turned a corner..this is the 1st quilt that I have ever looked at and said " I know JUST how I want to quilt this!" Of course it didnt' hurt that the owner of this quilt, my friend Pat No Blog, lets me quilt what ever I want. She is nice that way...well..she is just plain NICE!

Here is a picture of the border. I did the body of the quilt in light blue , but I didn't think the blue would show up on the turquoise, so I used a pink. I just love this leafy feather. I have seen it done also with some berries. I'm not sure where I would put the berries, so saved that idea for another day. The curl with the feather comes from Carla Barrett. Look under the tutorials.

The body I did a whimsical feather meander. I added curls and curliques. The squares were done in continuous curve. I love quilting things that need no marking. Its kinda mindless...hehehehe. NO...I don't nod off or get mesmerized. Its just fun wandering around a quilt with no particular place to go!

I will show a whole picture of the quilt when it is off the frame. I think we are going to look for a new vehicle for me! YIPPEEE! I believe my mini van days are over.


Kathie said…
looks like your having fun quilting it too
nice that Pat lets you do what you want!!!!
fancystitching said…
Cute quilt, and great quilting! I love that little feather vine... I use a similar one a lot.

fancystitching said…
Hi Beth, it's me again! I have changed my profile to display my email. Would you please see if that changes my no-reply status? Thanks!

Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Hi, Beth! I'm loving your freehand feathers, wonderful and whimsical; PERFECT for this quilt! I am looking forward to seeing the whole quilt too~ I'll be back soon.

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