Today I had big plans. I did OK, but the 3 hours of sleep I got last night, didn't help my list any. Tomorrow (or maybe Wednesday) , we will be adding a Japanese exchange student to the household for the spring semester. We already know him as he had a class with Sports Guy and plays varsity soccer with him too. Thru no fault of his own, his original host family was not able to host him. He has been living with the coordinator and her family. They dont live anywere NEAR the school, so they have had to make the committment to schlep him up and down the freeway daily. He will be a good fit for our family. I hope he will like it here too! Anyway, I spent today dusting, vaccuuming and generally cleaning the room he will be staying in. We may have to do a bit of moving as the house computer is in there too!

On top of cleaning, I made banana muffins, did laundry and worked on my New Years Day Mystery quilt. I'm just about finished with Step 3. I have been a good girl and have not peeked at the next step! I would have been farther if my family didnt' need food yesterday and if I had precut BEFORE I started! Oh well, its not a race. I also did one seam on the UFO on the design wall. Looks like that is going to be this months UFO. I still cannot find the border fabric for my husbands quilt. Could be I used it and will have to pick something new. I thought I saved it, so I will keep looking a bit more.

I hope to sleep better tonight and wake up with a titch more energy!I like this organization stuff..especially when its DONE!


Chocolate Cat said…
I think you have achieved plenty today!!! What a nice thing to be able to do, we have had students stay with us over the years and it is so rewarding. I would hope someone would do the same if it was my child.

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