I had happily driven to the grocery store. I'm making sauce to freeze for eggplant parmesan to be made at a later date. SOMEONE is having a birthday and requested eggplant. Actually he asked for it at Christmas, but I was not up for that much cooking in the small amount of time we were in Texas. Also, shlepping the sauce two days in a car didnt' appeal to me either. So, off I went to get tomato puree and peeled tomatoes. I even stopped to get gas. And THAT my friends is when it happened! CHAOS!

I stopped to talk to a neighbor
Erin called from Qatar on my cell phone
I said goodbye to the neighbor.
as I drove in the driveway, my cell phone DIED
I madly dragged 3 big tomato cans and an ice cream into the house
   (not wanting to miss her if she called back!)
3 boys need eggs before soccer practice
dogs start barking MADLY
yard guys arrive, make alot of noise, thus stirring up dogs to
son fusses at me for not leaving the icing out for the cinnamon rolls
   (HELLO? they were 3 INCHES from the pan! and do we not know
    how to use a cell phone???)
Erin calls back (yay!)
talk to Erin...on a cell phone thats plugged into the wall!
  (did you know you cannot scramble eggs when you are talking
   on a phone that is plugged in across the room? Remember those days?
  I didn't like them either!)
hand phone to her brother
scramble eggs
son grumbling about cord (me TOO!)
son fusses at me because he thinks I don't know how
  to turn up the volume on the cell phone. I don't tell him
  he has just turned up the RINGER volume, not the ear piece
 volume and that I'm not THAT DUMB!

son hangs up the cell phone.
I dash outside to pick up after FOUR DOGS so the yard guys can
   well....DO THE YARD

....son;s friend drives boys to soccer practice (did you just see
  him sprout WINGS???)

SIT....BREATHE....Try not to wig out! (the dogs have settled, the yard guys
   are gone, the boys are at practice). Relative quiet...for the MOMENT!

I think I need a nap...oh..I have not started the SAUCE yet! And later today,
I 'GET" to host a version of Epic Mealtime (search THAT on YouTube...warning!
bacon overload and not the cleanest language, but son thinks its WONDERFUL.
He BETTER clean my kitchen!)

I'm not holding my breath that this won't happen again today! I better get that sauce started.
An hour in the sewing room is called for too!


vtquilter said…
Yikes. I hope you were able to do some sewing and relax a bit.

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